California - San Francisco

All of the Bay Area (North Bay / South Bay / East Bay & Penninsula)
Rental Rates
Daily (1-6 days) = $110.00 per calendar day
(8:00am to 8:00pm)
Weekly (7-29 days) = $95.00 per calendar day

Monthly (30 or more days) = $85.00 per calendar day

      • Rates are subject to change without notice
 Delivery Charges
Convenient door to door delivery/pick up available
$350.00 & Up fee to drop off at a different location out of State or Region
                          Airport                                 Roundtrip
                          San Francisco                        $100.00
                          Oakland/San Jose                 $150.00
                          Sacramento                           $300.00
  Charges will vary depending on location and times, so please call for a specific quote.
Mileage Charges
100 Free Miles per day (Accumulative)
.31 per mile over 100 miles 
Fuel Charges
Rates do not include gas.  Vans are delivered with a full tank of gas.  A $75.00 refueling charge will apply if a van is returned with less than a full tank.
 You will need to bring your own Parking Placard
* 48-Hour Cancellation Policy *
We accept Visa, Mastercard, Discover and American Express
  • Insurance:  In many cases your personal automobile insurance policy will provide liability and collision coverage when you are driving a rental vehicle (check with your insurance company to verify)
  • Maximum Weight:  The Maximum weight capacity in all vehicles is 1000 .lbs