Northern - Virginia

Northern, VA
Rental Rates
1 Day: $125.00
Multiple days: $110.00 first day then $99 per day 
Monthly : $79.00 per day
*Rates are subject to change without notice
Delivery of vans 8:00am to 7:00pm no later!
 Delivery Charges
Delivery/Pickup charges are : 
* Washington National -$90 drop off/$90 pick up
* BWI -$95 drop off/$95 pick up
* Dulles-$95 drop off/$95 pick up
* Bethesda-$75 drop off/$75 pick up


Mileage Charges
 Rental fees include 100 free miles per day, accumulative. Any additional mileage above and beyond this allotment is charged at $0.40 per mile.
 Fuel Charges
 Vehicles are delivered with a full tank of gas and should be returned with a full tank.  We will charge $5.00 a gallon for refueling.
Late Fees
    We expect the Van back in the 24 hour frame work of the contract. Late fees will be applied at $12.00 and hour up to a days rental.