Insurance Replacement

If your wheelchair van or scooter accessible van is damaged in an accident, Wheelchair Getaways can deliver a replacement vehicle for your use until your vehicle is repaired.
Many wheelchair users are unaware of Wheelchair Getaways replacement vehicle program, but Wheelchair Getaways has worked with all major insurance carriers for years to provided this valuable service.  Even Enterprise Rent-a-car, the leader in insurance replacement, refers their customers needing a wheelchair van to us.
Many claims adjusters will attempt to rent a wheelchair user a conventional vehicle, but this solution has many pitfalls.  Be firm in your request for a scooter / wheelchair accessible van.
The Problem
Renting a conventional car
  • Difficult and dangerous transfers into the vehicle (over 200 persons each year are seriously injured)
  • Many wheelchairs are difficult or impossible to stow, rendering a
    conventional vehicle useless
  • Extremely heavy wheelchairs may cause safety issues for the vehicle and passengers
  • Stowing a wheelchair in inclement weather can cause weather related illness
  • Improper installation of hand controls can be a liability for all involved
The Solution
Renting a scooter / wheelchair accessible van
  • Lowered floor and raised roof increases interior headroom, making transferring from a wheelchair or scooter into a vehicle unnecessary
  • Vehicles are designed so that the occupant may remain in his or her wheelchair or scooter, so the mobility device does not have to be stowed
  • Wheelchair and/or Scooters are secured with a 4-point crash tested securement system
  • With keyless remote entry, a wheelchair user is safely inside a vehicle within seconds
  • Accessible vans that are driver units have permanent hand controls and proper crash tested transfer seats
A young man living near Gulf Port, Mississippi lost his wheelchair van in Hurricane Katrina. While he waited for a replacement vehicle, Wheelchair Getaways of the Gulf Coast was able to provide him with a wheelchair accessible van until his new vehicle was delivered.  His auto insurance covered the cost of the replacement rental.

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