Traveling with a Disability

Renting Wheelchair Van Conversions

Renting wheelchair van conversions with Wheelchair Getaways is simple, safe, and fun. Although the process is seamless, it is a good idea to stay on top of things prior to the renting date.

Reserve and Call Ahead

After making the reservation, keep all documentation handy to ensure a smooth process. While we don't offer drivers, some locations will deliver a rental handicapped van to the customer's home, work, hotel, or airport. Prior to traveling, be sure to call to confirm any arrangements that have been made with the Wheelchair Getaways location.

Have Documentation Ready

There are a few documents we require for every handicap accessible van rental. These include a valid drivers license, proof of insurance, and a major credit card. Have these things on hand to prevent an inconvenient cancellation at the last minute.

Get a Demonstration of Vehicle and Equipment

Be sure to get an in person demonstration of the wheelchair van rental and all its safety equipment. This demonstration should include general operation as well as backup procedures. Do not drive the rental handicap van conversion without a satisfactory demonstration. This step is important for customers who have their own accessible vehicle because the rental conversion is likely to have small differences from their own.