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Ilderton Conversion has available lowered-floor minivans and a commercial full sized van for rent on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. Minivans all have 10-inch lowered floors, fold-out ramps, front passenger seats on trolley bases, manual tie-down straps and seat belt extensions. The minivans can transport up to two wheelchair passengers. The full size commercial van has a raised roof, platform lift, and can transport up to three wheelchair passengers. Asheville is known for both its natural and cultural attractions. You can blend them both with a trip to the Biltmore Estates, which is open year round and has accessible trails through most of the gardens. In the summer months, music festivals outside are a strong draw. You will also want to take advantage of Asheville’s status as a whitewater capital, with modified and accessible kayaks and rafts. Disc golf courses are also plentiful.

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