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Exploring the Most Romantic Accessible Cities in America

With Valentine's Day fast approaching, lovebirds everywhere are hurriedly hatching grand romantic plans. Some are penning swoon-worthy love letters and buying heart-shaped chocolates, while others are booking couples' massages and romantic getaways to spice things up! If you're stuck in the candy-or-card conundrum, why not consider a change in scenery?  From the golden beaches of [...]

Accessible Things to Do in Florida

Florida is one of the most interesting and entertaining states to visit, with attractions and natural beauty that are unique to its geographic location in our nation. It also showcases a diversity and culture that is a microcosm of what it is to be an American. Being the number one tourist destination in the U.S., [...]

How to Safely Secure a Wheelchair in an Accessible Van

Did you know that wheelchair users are much more likely to suffer injuries during car trips? While sudden halts and collisions are often blamed, many times, the culprit is actually the incorrect anchoring of wheelchairs.  When your wheelchair is improperly restrained, it can roll over, slide, or bounce, leading to disastrous circumstances. To avoid this [...]

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