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Best Disney Resorts for Accessibility

If there's one place that combines boundless excitement, magical adventures, and endless joy, it's Disney. These iconic destinations don't just promise thrilling rides or the chance to meet your favorite characters; they also feature captivating resorts that mirror the parks’ charm.  The best part is that Disney has made great strides to ensure inclusiveness for [...]
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Exploring the Most Romantic Accessible Cities in America

With Valentine's Day fast approaching, lovebirds everywhere are hurriedly hatching grand romantic plans. Some are penning swoon-worthy love letters and buying heart-shaped chocolates, while others are booking couples' massages and romantic getaways to spice things up! If you're stuck in the candy-or-card conundrum, why not consider a change in scenery?  From the golden beaches of [...]
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Accessible Things to Do in Missouri

Missouri is known for beautiful views, sunsets, and relaxing times along the water. But did you know that many of the activities this state has to offer are wheelchair-accessible? Read on to learn about some of the best wheelchair-accessible activities around Missouri in both big cities and quaint, historic towns as well. Branson, MO Branson [...]