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Mobility Works maintains a fleet of wheelchair accessible rental vans at most of its locations, many offering Weekend Special rates. A wheelchair van rental can be made for just a day or for weeks at a time. Our rentals vans are typically lowered floor minivans with automatic fold-out ramps. Some MobilityWorks locations may also have full-size Ford E-150 handicap accessible vans with a wheelchair lift, subject to availability. Farmingdale is known as “Today’s Town…with Yesterday’s Touch”. Farmingdale, and its Main Street, dates back to an Indian path toward the Manasquan River where it started out with two stores, two taverns, and 10 to 12 dwellings. Things to do in Farmingdale include Allaire State Park and Pine Creek Railroad. Allaire State Park spans more than 3,000 acres and is best known for its 19th century iron-making town, Allaire Village, and antique steam trains. Pine Creek Railroad is operated by the New Jersey Museum of Transportation. Pine Creek is a fine example of rail travel at the peak of the steam era in the United States.

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Farmingdale, NJ 07727

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