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“Linking Accessibility Nationwide”. Rent by the day, week or month. A rental to fit your needs: business, vacation, your van is in for repairs, thinking about purchasing or just any time. New state of the art crash tested minivans with 10″ lowered floors, ramps and tie-downs. Ride safely in the front passenger position or the center of the van. Request an extra set of tie-downs and take a friend! New Orleans is being rebuilt to be even more accessible than ever. The historic French Quarter was relatively untouched by Katrina, but improvements have been made to make the cobbled streets and Bourbon Street more accessible to wheelchair users. Downtown, Lafayette Square anchors the business district, while Canal Street is a visual pleasure. The Botanical Garden and City Park also have good trails to let you explore the natural side of the city’s beauty.

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New Orleans, LA 70058

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