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Ability Center maintains a fleet of wheelchair accessible rental vans at most of its locations, many offering Weekend Special rates. A wheelchair van rental can be made for just a day or for weeks at a time. Our rentals vans are typically lowered floor minivans with automatic fold-out ramps. Some MobilityWorks locations may also have full-size Ford E-150 handicap accessible vans with a wheelchair lift, subject to availability. The Sacramento and American rivers aren’t all that converge in California’s capital city. Sacramento is a hub of government, history, and culture, and the towering State Capitol building casts its shadow not only on the gardens of Capitol Park, but also on the chic boutiques and record shops of nearby Midtown. The city hosts an abundance of things to do that are both entertaining and educational – here, the two are rarely mutually exclusive. The aforementioned Capitol Park houses two memorials dedicated to veterans and a grove planted with saplings from major Civil War battlegrounds.

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