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Fast Serv Medical provides the means necessary to help people with disabilities lead as normal a life as possible. From custom conversion handicapped vans to wheelchair lifts; from high tech driving aides to portable ramps FastServ Medical sells and services products to improve your quality of life. Take a stroll through winding, wooded pathways in a real forest of a park. In West Monroe, there are several fun, fascinating and interesting places to see. You can explore into Delta Airlines’ history right near the site where it was born, check out the striking beauty of a 1,600-acre cypress-studded lake, view the charming family home of Joseph Biedenharn, the first bottler of Coca-Cola® and the famous gardens and Bible Museum his daughter created. Also, marvel at alligators, elephants and mountain lions, and many species of plants in a zoo-garden setting that also sports exciting boat rides!

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West Monroe, LA 71291

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