Do you have questions about renting a wheelchair van? You've come to the right place. Find answers to all the common questions we get asked about how to rent a wheelchair van and have a trouble-free and enjoyable experience.

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  • I am new to renting a wheelchair van. Can you tell me how to rent a wheelchair van?

    Yes, we can! The process of renting an accessible van is simple.
    First, we require a valid driver's license, proof of full coverage insurance (must have comprehensive, collision, and liability that extends to a rental vehicle), and a major credit card.

    Next, use our website's Location Search to find a location that is convenient for you.

    Fill out your information and the location(s) you select will contact you within 1 business day with pricing.

    You can request to get picked up or have the vehicle waiting for you at most major airports.

    Wheelchair tie-downs are included and if you have any special requests, be sure to tell the location when they call.

    Our locations offer 24 emergency assistance and you'll find they take a hands-on approach to customer service.

    It all starts with a quote. Click here to begin.

  • How much does it cost to rent a wheelchair van?

    Our wheelchair van rentals range in price from about $75 per day to $180 per day. Your price depends on how long you rent, where you rent, and current availability. The prices below will vary by location. Please request a quote for accurate pricing.

    Days Rented Example Pricing (varies by location)
    Daily (1-7 days)
    $105 - $180 per day
    Weekly (8-14 days)
    $105.00 per day
    Weekly (15-21 days)
    $95.00 per day
    Weekly (22-30 days)
    $85.00 per day
    Monthly (30+ days)
    $75.00 per day
  • Do you offer vehicle delivery and pickup services for your accessible van rentals?

    Handicap van rental delivery service varies by location, but many of our locations will deliver your accessible rental van to your home, work, or airport.

  • Do you offer insurance for your wheelchair-accessible rental vans?

    At this time the renter must provide insurance for the accessible vehicle rental. Consult with your insurance agent or insurance company for details.

  • Can I rent a wheelchair van one-way?

    Each Wheelchair Getaways location is independently owned and operated, so, many times, this is difficult to achieve. However, if you rent from a company with multiple locations it might be possible to work with them to do a one-way rental.

  • Do you charge for mileage on your wheelchair van rentals?

    You receive at least 100 miles per day that you rent a wheelchair-accessible van. A mileage charge is incurred after that point, with some locations offering other programs for mileage. Each member of Wheelchair Getaways treats this differently, so contact your locations for additional information.

  • Do you offer a driver?

    Wheelchair Getaways is a wheelchair van rental service only. A licensed driver must be provided by the renter and the driver must be fully insured.

  • Do you offer adaptive driving equipment with your wheelchair van rentals?

    The adaptive driving equipment service varies by location. Check with your local Wheelchair Getaways member about the availability of hand controls or transfer seats.

  • Can I drive the vehicle out of state?

    Out-of-state service varies by location. Contact Wheelchair Getaways for details about traveling out of state with a rental mobility vehicle.

  • Can I have more than one driver listed for my wheelchair-accessible van rental?

    Yes. Each person wishing to drive must be present at the time the accessible vehicle is picked up to sign the rental contract and provide insurance and licensing information.

  • How do I secure my wheelchair in your rental wheelchair vans?

    Each handicapped accessible van is equipped with a 4 point tie-down system and a seatbelt for the person who uses the wheelchair. This process will be demonstrated to you when you pick up the rental van.

    Our members take a hands-on approach to renting vehicles so you can be assured that you'll be safe in your rental vehicle.

  • Do you have full-size wheelchair vans available for rental?

    Full-size wheelchair-accessible van rentals vary by location. Go to our Location page and contact the location that you want to rent a full-size vehicle from.

  • What kinds of vans do you rent?

    By far, our most popular rental vehicles are late model minivans that are equipped with side-entry ramps and BraunAbility conversions. These come from a variety of manufacturers, including Toyota and Chrysler, and are typically outfitted with conversions from companies like BraunAbility and VMI. Depending on the location you’re renting from, you may also be able to rent a full-size van. Unless you have a specific vehicle you absolutely must have, we recommend you choose a vehicle based on the conversion to ensure that it accommodates the size of the wheelchair or scooter you will be using.

  • How many passengers or wheelchair(s) will an accessible rental minivan hold?

    An accessible minivan rental will hold 4 passengers plus 1 wheelchair or 2 passengers plus 2 wheelchairs (depending on the size of the wheelchairs)

  • Are your wheelchair vans safe?

    Yes. Safety is one of the guiding principles at Wheelchair Getaways. Each van is regularly inspected and maintained to ensure it is in top shape for each and every renter. On top of that, our COVID-19 response protocols mean we’re also cleaning and sanitizing every surface and touchpoint on each vehicle in between every rental. Read our COVID-19 response page for more details.

  • How old do I have to be to rent a wheelchair van?

    All renters must be 21 years of age or older, though some locations require you to be 25 years old. The driver must present a valid driver’s license, proof of insurance with coverage that includes the cost of repairing a wheelchair-accessible van, and any additional certifications needed to operate a vehicle with specialized mobility equipment (such as hand controls).

  • Do I need to contact my insurance company before renting?

    It’s always a good idea to reach out to your insurance agent, let them know what your travel plans are, and discuss insurance coverage for your rental. The rental location will also contact your insurance company to confirm coverage.

  • When will I be charged for my rental?

    Full payment is due at the time of pickup, so whenever you come to get your van or your van is brought to you, your credit card will be charged. Any additional fees, such as tolls, gas overages, damages, etc. will be charged at the time your rental is returned unless otherwise noted on your rental contract.

  • Where does the wheelchair user sit in the vehicle?

    Most of our vehicles can accommodate wheelchair users in the middle of the vehicle, on the back bench seat, or in the front passenger seat position. Some vehicles come with a driver’s transfer seat allowing properly trained people to transfer from their chair into the driver’s seat. We recommend talking to the location you are renting from to determine if there are vehicles available to accommodate this request.

  • How are wheelchair users secured inside the vehicle?

    Each of our rentals comes with what are called “tie-downs” that are used to secure each corner of a wheelchair to the floor of the vehicle. These can be installed in various positions throughout the van. The securement system our locations provide, if used properly, will ensure a safe journey.

  • Do you teach renters how to use tie-downs and rental vehicles?

    Of course. When it’s time for you to pick up your vehicle, one of our Certified Rental Specialists will show you everything you need to know about the rental van. We’ll go over how to use the tie-downs, operate the ramp, and anything else you may be curious to know. This sometimes takes up to 15 minutes, so please plan accordingly.

  • Can you deliver a wheelchair-accessible rental vehicle to the airport?

    In most cases, we can arrange for your rental vehicle to be brought to you at the airport, although this can vary depending on availability and location. Typically, if we can meet you at the airport, we will pick you up in the arrivals area and drive to a nearby parking lot to finish up the rental paperwork and teach you how your vehicle works.

  • Can I park my other car at your facility while I’m using my rental van?

    This depends on the location you’re renting from. If you need help with temporary parking, it’s best to call the Wheelchair Getaways location closest to you and ask about their parking policies.

  • How far in advance do I need to make a reservation?

    Our rentals are first-come, first-serve, and wheelchair van rentals, in general, are very popular. While our availability can fluctuate seasonally, it’s best to make your reservation sooner rather than later. Many of our locations offer waiting lists, so ask if that is an option when talking to them.

  • Can I rent a van and pick it up that same day?

    Again, because availability varies so much, there’s no guarantee that a rental vehicle will be available on short notice, especially if the rental is during a holiday season or weekend. It’s best to plan your rentals in advance to ensure you have the transportation you need. Many of our locations allow for same-day rentals, but our website does not accommodate those requests. In that case, we recommend you call us at (866) 224-1750.