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5 Wheelchair Accessible AIRBNBs in the US

5 Wheelchair Accessible AIRBNBs in the US

Most people with disabilities cannot travel on a whim unless they go to a place they know suits their needs. Most buildings, Airbnbs included, have not been designed and built with accessibility in mind. Some claim to be accessible to everyone with a disability, but they are not.

However, some places are changing this narrative. In this article, we look at charming wheelchair-accessible Airbnbs in the US.

Airbnb Travel Tips For Wheelchair Users

Predicting how things will go when traveling is almost impossible. When it comes to travel, there are things that you cannot control and problems that seem to come out of nowhere. What you can do is be prepared for any situation.

You can do this by:

– Always asking questions. The term “wheelchair accessible” does not mean the same thing at every Airbnb. Ask about dimensions of doorways, hallways, etc. to know whether your wheelchair will fit

– Taking an extra bag of supplies that are important to you for your trip, such as catheters and meds.

– Ensuring you carry extra batteries for your wheelchair if it’s battery operated. f it is an electric wheelchair, charge it beforehand to avoid getting stranded.

– Finding out if there is a transfer board available in your Airbnb. If one is not available, make arrangements for getting access to one.

Our Top Picks For Wheelchair Accessible Airbnbs

Cabin In Riverside, Maine

Riverside is a residential home that overlooks the Kennebeck River. It is newly renovated and features an open concept. It is fully wheelchair accessible and they accept service dogs and other pets.

Apart from the spectacular view, you also have access to a fire pit, bird watching, and a wonderful host. You’ll be close to the Township of Riverside and other recreational areas.

5 Wheelchair Accessible AIRBNBs in the US

Earthship In Gallatin Gateway, Montana

If you are all about sustainability, you’ll find Earthship in Big Sky Montana to be a perfect spot for you. The hosts are all about sustainability here.

You’ll get to experience things like:

– A house generating its own electricity

– A wood-fired sauna

– A house that catches all the water it uses from the rain

– Staying on a 20-acre property

You also get to enjoy modern amenities like WIFI and electric appliances. Earthship is wheelchair accessible with wide hallways and a bed in the living room that you can use.

5 Wheelchair Accessible AIRBNBs in the US

Private Garden Cottage In Mississippi, Portland

Located in Mississippi District, this garden cottage is quiet and private. The home is designed with wide doorways and no stairs. You’ll also be able to access your bedroom using an elevator and the thresholds are lower than two inches.

The bathroom has a grab bar that can hold weight as it is firmly bolted to the wall. The host provides local ground coffee and tea to give you a taste of Portland. The hosts do not allow smoking in the garden or in the house.

Villa With Private Pool In Davenport, Florida

Located near Disney Theme Parks, this Florida villa has undergone renovations to make it accessible to people using wheelchairs or scooters. It is elegantly furnished and has a spacious outdoor entertaining area. Its bathrooms and rooms are airy and maintain a high level of luxury.

Botanical Studio Apartment In Putney, Vermont

In this studio apartment, you’ll get to watch for wildlife, enjoy trails in the Putney forest, and even enjoy fresh, local cheese if you like. People who have stayed here have reported seeing foxes and even the occasional bear sighting. You can also enjoy picking vegetables when they are ready.

The bathroom is large with grab bars and a roll-in shower. The whole building has ramps, making it easy to access.

Wheelchair Accessible Airbnb FAQs

Are All Airbnb’s Wheelchair-Accessible?

Not all Airbnbs are wheelchair-accessible.

How Do I Find An ADA-Accessible Property On Airbnb?

To find a property that is ADA-accessible, you have to filter listings to find those that are accessible. The filter feature allows you to filter results with specific features. To find those that are accessible, start your search then click on filter. Scroll to the accessibility features and tick the appropriate box.

Is Airbnb Subject To ADA Compliance?

Airbnbs are not subject to ADA compliance. It is the choice of the host to make their listing compliant with the ADA directives.


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