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Top 11 Affordable Accessible Travel Destinations

affordable accessible travel

Traveling is an experience that enriches the mind and heart, but it isn’t always easy on the wallet, so affordable accessible travel can be difficult to find. As a globetrotter, you may have to sacrifice some of your comforts to make the most out of your vacation. This means staying in hostels or smaller apartments rather than five-star hotel rooms, enjoying local cuisines instead of eating at Michelin-starred restaurants, or even taking taxis instead of luxury cars. 

Luckily, there are many affordable places in the U.S. thriving with breathtaking trails, lush greenery, urban excitement, and rural serenity that’ll help you get your fill of adventure without breaking your budget. Let’s check them out!

Top Wheelchair Accessible Destinations

1. North Oxford, Massachusetts

With its quaint architecture, North Oxford is a small town with a big heart. This town boasts a number of accessible trails and parks, including Bradford Rail Trail and Amesbury Riverwalk, which will take you through some of the most beautiful scenery and help you connect with nature. 

To take a break from all the outdoor activities, you can head over to Pine Ridge Country Club and try your hand at golf! If you’re worried about getting there, you can contact Advanced Wheels handicap van rentals and they’ll provide you with transportation at a reasonable rate.

North Oxford Massachusetts

2. Lansing, Michigan

The hometown of Magic Johson, Lansing is another great place to spend time outdoors. This sprawling state has many spectacular places, including Potter Park where you can get a glimpse of wildlife and enjoy birdwatching. If you’re looking for something more low-key and artistic, consider taking a stroll through the historic Old Town district of Lansing. This neighborhood is full of shops and restaurants that are sure to delight travelers of all ages! Here, Clock Mobility offers comfortable wheelchair-accessible vehicles so you can explore the city at your own pace.

Lansing Michigan

3. Pompano Beach, Florida

Pompano Beach, with its white sandy beaches, azure waters, and calm weather, is a tropical paradise. From sunbathing on the beach to exploring the history of the town, there’s always something fun to do. You can visit the historic “Sample-McDougald House” to learn about how the city grew and thrived before it became a popular tourist destination. If you love butterflies and nature, then Butterfly World is for you! Located just outside of town, this is an amazing place to immerse yourself in the fascinating world of butterflies. Or, you can go to Fisher Family Pier to grab those prized fish or lay under a giant umbrella to get some sun. You can book your ride with Ocean Conversions to get there and enjoy your affordable accessible travel to the fullest.

Pompano Beach Florida

4. Green Bay, Wisconsin

Green Bay, Wisconsin, is a city of fun and adventure. From its waterfront parks to the many festivals it hosts every year, there is always something going on in Green Bay. Lambeau Field is a great place to start your trip. You can learn all about the history of the legendary Green Bay Packers, see some amazing memorabilia, or even watch a game on the big screen! 

After that, you can head over to the bay itself and take advantage of its beautiful parks and walking trails. If you’re a train enthusiast, then you should check out the National Railroad Museum, which features more than 100 vintage trains and railcars from all over the US and Canada. You can contact Mobility Works to get there in a wheelchair-accessible van.

Green Bay Winsconsin

5. Palmer, Alaska

If you’re looking for an affordable accessible travel destination that’s closer to nature, look no further than Palmer, Alaska. This town is surrounded by awe-inspiring mountains and the wilderness, so it’s the perfect place to unwind from all the noise of modern life. 

Over here, you can visit the Colony House Museum to learn about Palmer’s history or go to Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center to see all kinds of native Alaskan animals, including grizzly bears, wolves, Dall sheep, and more! To enjoy the taste of freshly brewed beer, you must head to the Arkose Brewery. And don’t worry about twisting trails and roads, just contact Alaska Mobility for a wheelchair van rental and they’ll provide you with the most comfortable ride.

landscape of Palmer Alaska

6. Saginaw, Michigan

Saginaw, Michigan is a city of lush greenery and bustling culture. There’s no better place to start your day than by hiking through Hoyt Park and taking in the beauty of Saginaw’s nature. The park is surrounded by greenery, providing a peaceful atmosphere for those who wish to take a break from the hustle and bustle of city life.

You can go to Pride and Country Village to have one of a kind shopping experience. This unique village has numerous boutiques that carry everything from vintage clothes to handmade jewelry. To end your tour, you can enjoy scrumptious food at Fuzzy’s Diner or Old Town Drive In, which serves classic food with a retro twist. 

city view in Saginaw Michigan

7. Eau Claire, Wisconsin

Eau Claire is a charming, historical city in the center of Wisconsin’s Chippewa Valley. The Chippewa River Trail is an incredible stretch of scenic paths and trails winding through the woods of Eau Claire. This trail connects to Putnam Park where you can take a leisurely stroll with your travel buddies or head to the Phoenix Park’s Farmer Market to shop and enjoy local cuisines.

bridge in Eau Claire Winsconsin

8. Fort Pierce, Florida

From Orlando’s theme parks and beaches to the glitzy Miami nightlife, there’s no shortage of things to do in Florida. But if you’re looking for something more off-the-beaten-path, then visit the Fort Pierce Inlet State Park. This park is home to dolphins, manatees, and sea turtles, along with many other species of wildlife. 

You can ask Buddy’s Holiday Mobility for a rental van so you can visit Summer Crush Vineyard and Winery. This stunning vineyard features lush grounds, beautiful architecture, and delicious wine. You can enjoy live music, take a tour of the facility, or just relax on their patio with a glass of your favorite red or white. Don’t let this one slip off your radar!

Fort Pierce Florida beach for affordable accessible travel

9. Midland, Michigan

Located in the heart of Michigan, Midland is a picturesque town where you can fully immerse yourself in nature’s beauty. Nestled among the rolling trails, Dahlia Hills is a beautiful landmark featuring over 300 varieties of dahlias from all over the world, planted in rows that stretch out for as far as the eye can see. 

If you want something more educational, check out the Midland Center for the Arts, as they have art exhibits and events happening all year long. You’ll find everything from classical music concerts to modern dance performances here! Simply contact Access Vans to book a wheelchair-accessible van and make the most of your trip.

bridge Midland Michigan for affordable accessible travel

10. Euless, Texas

A quirky little town with a lot of charm and character, Euless is dotted with parks, museums, and monuments. You can visit Heritage Park which showcases historical artifacts or head to St. John the Baptist Greek Orthodox Church to indulge in greek food, grilled meat, and other mouthwatering delights.

Euless Texas for affordable accessible travel

11. Amarillo, Texas

Amarillo is a city in the panhandle of Texas with a lot of fun stuff to do, even if you’re just passing through. Over here, you can head to the Amarillo Zoo and see some of the world’s most magnificent animals. 

To unleash your inner creative artist, visit the Cadillac Ranch—a roadside attraction where you can find 10 Cadillacs buried nose-down in the ground. If you’re feeling hungry after a day of exploration, check out The Big Texan Steak Ranch. This restaurant serves a 72-ounce sirloin steak that’s free if you can eat it all in one sitting. You can contact Open Road Mobility to get there in wheelchair accessible van.

Amarillo Texas

Wheelchair-Accessible Travel That’s Budget-Friendly

Whether you’re looking for an exotic adventure or just want to escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life, these affordable accessible travel destinations will make any trip memorable and fun. And, wherever you go, chances are you’ll be close to one of Wheelchair Getaways’ 200+ nationwide wheelchair-accessible rental locations, so you’ll always have access to accessible travel.


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