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How to Use Accessible Places in Google Maps

google maps accessibility

When traveling to new places with a wheelchair, it is always helpful to have more information about the accessibility of your destination. Google Maps can be an incredibly helpful tool for those traveling in a wheelchair. For example, pictures and reviews can go a long way toward assisting wheelchair users in finding accessibility information before they travel. Now, Google has even more accessibility search settings. It can help you pick the most accessible destinations, and it can even help you plan accessible public transit.

Reliability of Accessible Places in Google Maps

To make sure that the accessibility features are reliable, Google has accepted contributions from more than 500 million reviewers since its activation in 2017. These contributors range from people in your community to local guides and even business owners. After visiting a place on Google Maps, people may be prompted to answer some questions, including questions about the location’s accessibility. It’s this type of information that gets submitted into their database and released back to you to make travel simpler.

How to Use Accessible Places in Google Maps

This feature is accessible to both Android and iPhone users. Before using Accessible Places, you want to make sure you have the latest version of Google Maps downloaded. Start by tapping on your profile icon (usually a round icon in the top-right corner). Next, go to “settings” and select “accessible places.” Switch that on, and you should be ready to start searching. Select any local business and you will see a wheelchair icon near the business’s name, indicating that it has accessible features. Scroll further down the business page to discover precisely which accessibility features are offered or have been reported.

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What are Accessible Places in Google Maps Useful For?

This Google Maps feature isn’t just helpful in finding out whether your favorite restaurant has a wheelchair ramp; it can help you with a slew of accessible searches.


The accessibility feature is most helpful for finding information on places you’re planning on visiting. This feature can go a long way toward informing you about which restaurants can accommodate a wheelchair, which stores have accessible entrances, and what places have handicapped parking. This feature can even let you know about accessible restrooms at your destination.

google maps accessibility


When looking for a walking trail on Google Maps, there may also be accessibility information posted. In the same way that the feature is helpful for places, it can also be helpful for hiking trails. Keep in mind that Google may not account for fallen trees or maintenance occurring on the trail itself.

google maps accessibility

Public Transit

Additionally, Google has offered the capability to filter wheelchair-accessible public transit routes. Simply select your destination, then tap the public transportation mode, tap the three dots in the top right corner, select “route options,” and then select “wheelchair accessible.” Now, you will see options for transit that are accessible to wheelchair users. Where public transit is widely used as the main mode of transportation, this can be especially helpful. This feature also allows you to select a route that includes wheelchair-accessible pathways between transit stations. Again, it most likely will not be able to account for unreported construction, so keep this in mind when planning your route.

google maps accessibility

Wherever you plan to travel, Google is a fantastic resource to help you plan your day. Google Maps can assist you in picking your destination and how you decide to get there. But, even though you have Google to help you, you may still want to consider renting a wheelchair-accessible van to make your trip that much easier. Click here to see where you can rent a van for your next trip. With 200+ locations, Wheelchair Getaways gives you the most options when it comes to finding a wheelchair-accessible rental van for your travels!


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