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Top Accessible Vacation Destinations: We Asked, You Answered

Top Accessible Vacation Destinations: We Asked, You Answered

From the mountains to the beach and everything in between, we asked Wheelchair Getaways’ customers about their experiences traveling as wheelchair users. They told us about their top accessible vacation destinations, and which experiences they were excited to share with others – and we’re excited to share their answers with you! Check out some of the most wheelchair-friendly places in America and remember to get in touch with Wheelchair Getaways for more information on wheelchair-accessible rental vehicles across the country.

Top Accessible Travel Spot: Florida

Florida trip demand by month

Frequent Wheelchair Getaways user Linda Feld told us that she had a great time visiting Florida. She said everywhere she went she found that many businesses “remember wheelchair access” is important to their customers. She also noted that there were “rental options for all types of equipment”, in addition to wheelchair-accessible vehicles from Wheelchair Getaways. Plus she found that the staff at hotels she visited were always very accommodating and helpful. Being the nation’s most popular tourist destination means Florida’s hospitality industry has lots of experience with wheelchair users.

Pat O’Brien also provided valuable insight into his travel experiences in Southern Florida. He noted that there was no shortage of wheelchair-accessible vans for rent during his visit and there were plenty of “accessible nature parks”. Thanks to boardwalks next to local beaches, Hollywood, Fort Lauderdale, and Deerfield Beach all make it easy for wheelchair users to enjoy the sun and sand. He added that this made it easier to access restaurants and activities along the beach and that some beaches even had “beach mats to get out into sand area”. Finally, Pat shared that he’s always had wonderful experiences flying as a wheelchair user with Southwest Airlines.

A review of Florida isn’t’ complete without a discussion about the theme parks. Disney, Universal Studios, and Sea World theme parks fully accommodate wheelchair users. The parks offer wheelchairs for rent as well as accessible restrooms and ramps for rides. In fact, many rides have special access for wheelchair users that allow for a less-jarring ride experience while still being able to enjoy the ride. You can also take advantage of Disney’s Disability Access Service (DAS), which allows people with disabilities to wait for rides outside of the queue, whenever they are comfortable waiting. This service is perfect for those who use wheelchairs or individuals who have mobility issues that prevent them from standing for long periods of time!

Dave, another Wheelchair Getaways customer visited Orlando, FL, and shared with us that he found the parks there to be very wheelchair-accessible and easy to navigate. Pam wrote that her visit to Panama City Beach, FL (a short drive from Orlando) was wonderful due to their wheelchair-friendly beaches. We are so happy to hear that so many locations in Florida make accommodations for wheelchair users!

Charleston, South Carolina

South Carolina trip demand by month

Heading up the coast just a bit, our customer Daniel Moneymaker enjoyed his visit to the historic southern city of Charleston. Charleston is filled with charm and plenty of beautiful architecture, restaurants, and shops to enjoy. Daniel specifically enjoyed, “The friendliness of the people, the fantastic food scene, and the beauty of the Battery.” Charleston, with its warmer temperatures, makes it a great location for the fall and spring. If you’re a leaf-peeper, late October and early November are the best times to visit. The southern charm and natural beauty make Charleston a great place to visit.


Colorado trip demand by month

Think hiking and enjoying nature up close is inaccessible to wheelchair users? Think again! Wilderness on Wheels is a group of people who make it possible for people of all abilities to enjoy nature with their families, friends, and caregivers. Located southeast of Denver, CO they are a non-profit organization dedicated to providing everyone with access to nature.

They offer help arranging camping, hiking, and fishing trips for their clients and have been doing it for over 30 years. Our client Nicolas Candelaria made a visit out to Colorado and told us about his excursion with Wilderness on Wheels. He especially enjoyed the “wheelchair-accessible boardwalk trail up into the forest that featured a fishing hole at the bottom of the trail”. What a magical-sounding place!

Las Vegas, Nevada

Nevada trip demand by month

A couple of our customers wrote in to tell us about their experiences while in Las Vegas. Jill Bradford noted that accessibility options were everywhere, which is always a plus for wheelchair users and their travel partners. Gregg Vigil reaffirmed that fact by sharing with us just how widespread “accessibility at the casinos, restaurant, shows, attractions, hotels, etc.” was. Las Vegas is continually one of our top destinations for Wheelchair Getaways reservations and it’s a testament to the incredible accessible options they have to offer. Viva Las Vegas!

Top Accessible Vacation Destination

Photo credit: Francine Fischer

Fort Bragg, California

California trip demand by month

Pat Randall visited sunny California and seemed to thoroughly enjoy all that Fort Bragg had to offer. He visited the Mendocino Botanical Garden, which looks just as beautiful as it sounds. He also found that many California beaches are equipped with boardwalks, making it that much easier for wheelchair-users to visit the beach, try local restaurants, and do a little shopping while in the area. This sounds like the perfect place for fun in the sun.
Top Accessible Vacation Destination

Mendocino Botanical Garden

Hawaii and Lake Tahoe

Hawaii trip demand by month

Our renter Patricia Otero wrote to let us know that in both of these absolutely stunning locations, she found there was easy, accessible access to swimming pools. That’s a huge bonus for wheelchair users who love the water!

More Accessible Destinations Across America

One renter let us know that Chicago, IL was a great place to find wheelchair-accessible taxi service and that public areas were very wheelchair-friendly.

Another renter told us that they found their trip to Seattle, WA offered, “Nearly seamless access to city & attractions.” We know from personal experience that Seattle offers many accessible tours and beautiful vistas of the city from the ferries in Puget Sound.

Finally, we had one last client reach out to us to give a shout-out to San Francisco, California’s wheelchair-accessible ferry system. Seeing Sausalito is a must-do in this beautiful city!

As the country begins to open back up, more and more people are looking to travel again. Whether you want to hit the highway and take a road trip to visit family and friends, or you’re looking to score a great deal wheelchair accessible flights, you can rest easy knowing that Wheelchair Getaways has locations all over the country to serve you.

No matter where you need to rent a wheelchair-accessible vehicle, chances are we can help! From Alaska and Hawaii to the Lower 48, check out our locations to start planning your next adventure. If you need help making a reservation, want to get a quote on a wheelchair-accessible rental van, or just have questions about how our rentals work, please don’t hesitate to give us a call at  866-224-1750.


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