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Wheelchair Accessible Valentine’s Date Ideas

inclusive valentine's day

Choosing the perfect valentine’s date activity for you and your partner to enjoy can be nerve-wracking. Make it simple and fun by taking a look at some of the wheelchair-accessible date ideas we’ve researched. And, if you need a wheelchair van to make your date extra special, you can search for a Wheelchair Getaways location in your city by clicking here.

A Movie Date

One of the most classic date nights is a movie night. Many theaters have excellent accommodations for wheelchair users. Many larger cities also have theaters that offer dinner service during the movie, which is always a unique experience. If seeing a movie in the traditional indoor format sounds a little boring, search your town’s local activities, as many towns have outdoor movies in local parks. You can even pack a picnic dinner and some wine to top off the experience in style.

inclusive valentine's day

A Bowling Date

Bowling is a great activity for a date or a group of friends looking to spend Valentine’s Day together. Bowling alleys are typically step-free, and many offer ramps designed to make rolling the ball from your wheelchair simple. Call ahead to your local ally to see what accommodations they can offer. Plus, most alleys offer a full drink and food menu, so you can get all of your valentine’s fun in one place.

inclusive valentine's day

An Art Gallery Date

Art galleries are a great way to push the limits of your imagination and expand your comprehension of the world around you. Viewing art with a loved one can be a great bonding experience and can open your eyes to the way your partner views the world. Most museums go above and beyond to make their exhibits as wheelchair-friendly as possible, and many offer programs to assist guests with vision and hearing impairments as well.

inclusive valentine's day

A Shopping and Dinner Date

If you want something simple, head over to your local mall or outlets to do a little shopping with your loved one. Afterward, pick your favorite place for dinner to treat yourselves. End the night with some elegant desserts before taking a stroll around your favorite park.

inclusive valentine's day

A Home Cooked Dinner and a Movie Date

More of a homebody or just want to have a private experience with your loved one? Try cooking a new recipe at home and pair it with a romantic movie. Take a look at this list of salad, dinner, dessert, and drink recipes curated for a romantic night. Or, if you’re feeling adventurous, there is always something romantic about sharing a fondue pot with various accompaniments. Pair it with some wine and a classy dessert to finish. Make sure to have plenty of candles to create some low-lit ambiance at home.

inclusive valentine's day

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A Weekend Out-of-Town Date

Maybe you’ve had enough nights at home and want to change up the scenery. Take a look at nearby Airbnbs for a little romantic staycation with your loved one. Or travel out of town to a totally new city and explore your destination together. We’ve got plenty of tips and tricks to help you find a wheelchair-accessible Airbnb.

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A Concert or Comedy Date

Many couples share a common interest in music and other performers. A great way to bond on Valentine’s day is to experience live music or a comedy show together. Many concert and comedy venues provide accommodations for wheelchair users.  There’s no better way to spend Valentine’s than by bonding over music or laughing over some great jokes with your partner.

inclusive valentine's day

A Wine/Beer Tasting Date

What could be more romantic than touring a winery and tasting amazing wines as you go? Just be sure to call ahead to verify that the tour path will be accessible for wheelchair users. If wine isn’t really your forte, check out your local brewery. Most breweries offer tours alongside tastings. Or keep it simple by heading to your local bar to order a flight of their most popular wines or beers.

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A “ Painting with a Twist” Date

Painting with a Twist is a fun couple’s experience where you get to sip on your drink of choice while following your instructor as you create your own unique masterpiece. Each person gets their own canvas which allows you each to explore your different creative methods. The great thing about this activity is that you don’t necessarily have to be artistically inclined, as the painting is usually simple with clear instructions. 

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A Candle-Making or Pottery Painting Date

Many towns have local studios that allow you to paint pottery or make your very own candles. It’s very common for local potters to open a studio where you come in, select an unpainted piece, and paint it however you like. Alternatively, some candle stores allow you to pick your own scents to pour into a jar, or even learn how to dip your own candles. There have even been businesses that will take a wax mold of your two hands together, which makes for a romantic keepsake that will last for years to come.

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A Dessert Crawl Date

If you and your partner share a strong sweet tooth, create your own dessert crawl. Just like with a pub crawl, you can pick out a handful of nearby dessert spots to drive or walk to and share a dessert at each location. Make sure to try a couple of unique ones that you wouldn’t normally order to enjoy a fun shared experience with your loved one.

inclusive valentine's day

Ready for a Date on Valentine’s Day?

Whatever experience you choose, the most important thing is making memories you and your loved one can share this Valentine’s Day. Wherever you end up going for your romantic day, renting a wheelchair-accessible van may be one of the easiest ways to get around. Visit one of our 200+ locations to find the right van for the perfect date night or weekend road trip.


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