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Traveling around the world is fun, but organizing a grand wheelchair travel tour can be a difficult task when you or a loved one use a wheelchair. When your mobility is limited, it’s a good idea to plan your tours around accessible places. Tour agencies take on the difficult task of organizing your tours, so all you have to do is sit and await the trip. We did the research so you can take advantage of some of the best accessible tour companies in the US. 

Autism Friendly Vacations

Autism Friendly Vacations helps families with a member in the autism spectrum disorder arrange for travel to different attraction destinations. They are committed to finding accessible, safe, and sensory-friendly destinations for the whole family. They have partnered with certified and reviewed destinations with appropriate facilities and trained staff who can assist individuals on the spectrum.

Autism Family Vacations simplifies the traveling process, which can be challenging to the ordinary person. They make all travel arrangements, arrange for special accommodation for the whole family, and help handle any other concerns that may arise. They also have connections with other tour companies, cruise lines, and resorts, which make the logistics part of traveling easier to plan.

Visit their website if you want to arrange a tour for a loved one with an Autism Spectrum Disorder that uses a wheelchair to travel.

wheelchair travel

Able Trek Tours

Able Trek Tours started in 1991 for business purposes. It provides charter bus services, focusing mainly on vacations for special-needs individuals. There are different charter bus vacations available that you can choose from for individuals who require assistance traveling. The vacations enable travelers with special needs to have an enjoyable and safe travel experience with the help of chaperones. 

There are daily trips for all groups with 38 charter and 56 passenger motor coach services. The coaches are well-designed with a restroom, plenty of luggage capacity, reclining cloth seats, air-conditioning, DVD/CD players with color monitors, and electrical outlets. In addition, the drivers are professional and friendly, and will make your trip a wonderful experience. For pricing, visit the Able Trek Tours website for details.

wheelchair travel

Accessible Island Tours

Accessible Island Tours provides relaxing, safe, and memorable tours to the Caribbean. The tours focus on individuals with limited mobility, such as wheelchair users. Accessible Island Tours mainly focuses on individuals who wish to visit or stay at St. Thomas Island. The tour is also open to all cruise ship passengers and visitors staying on St. Thomas Island.

The tour takes about two-and-a half hours and begins from your preferred pick-up point, where their tour guide will pick you up. The vehicles are wheelchair accessible, so you don’t have to worry about transferring from your travel wheelchair

The tour staff is knowledgeable about the island and takes you through the island’s history. You also visit the world-famous St. Peters Mountain, where you can view the Atlantic Ocean and the Magen’s Bay. The mountain top is wheelchair accessible, and you can shop and take photos as you tour and take in all the beauty. From the mountain, you’ll see Drake’s Seat, the mythical spot where Sir Francis Drake watched his fleet sail the passage and spied on vessels entering the channels. 

The trip will end with a ride along Skyline Drive, where you’ll relax as you enjoy views of the British Virgin and St. John Islands before heading back to the tour’s starting point at the port.

wheelchair travel

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Exceptional Trips

Exceptional Vacations trips focus on fun, friendship, socialization, and integration. Their tours are all-inclusive and offer an opportunity for personal growth. Their staff is professional and committed to making sure their guests have a great experience. Additionally, the tours focus on individuals with developmental or intellectual disabilities. 

Exceptional tours allow customized tours if their packages do not suit your preferences. Visit the Exceptional Trips website for tour packages and prices.

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New Directions

New Directions started in 1985 and is a non-profit organization that believes people with disabilities should have the same opportunity as anyone else. The organization’s travel programs are designed to provide individuals with the joys of experiences such as socialization, fun, and friendships. 

New Directions serves about 700 seniors, adults, and teenagers with brain impairments such as autism, Down syndrome, cerebral palsy, and other mild to moderate intellectual and developmental disabilities. Most tours are around New York, Bahamas, Japan, Israel, Hawaii, New Zealand, and Australia, among other destinations and include activities like sailing, snorkeling, kayaking, skiing, and biking tours. 

The tour guides are professionals in counseling, recreation therapy, developmental disabilities, and special education. New Directions is a non-profit organization that accepts donations.

Wheelchair travel 

Trips R Us

Trips R Us focuses on offering safe and entertaining trips to individuals with developmental disabilities to enhance personal growth and self-confidence through travel adventures and social events. The tours are led by Michael Graham and Stacey Graham, who have had led to Europe, California, Hawaii, Disney, China, Australia, and many more for over fifteen years. 

Most individuals who benefit from this tour company are over 15 years old. Most suffer from Prader-Willi, attention deficit disorder (ADD), autism spectrum disorders, Down syndrome, and developmental and learning disabilities. Their services enable individuals to gain social skills, socialize and travel like their peers. Visit the Trips R Us website for more information and learn how you can plan your trip.

wheelchair travel

Finding Dedicated Wheelchair-Accessible Tour Agencies

There are many tour agencies in the U.S. and around the world that specialize in wheelchair travel. They organize accessible transportation and accommodation for disabled individuals, so you don’t have to go through the challenges of planning accessible trips. Instead, you can look forward to your vacation and let the professionals do the planning.

And to help you get there, you can take advantage of Wheelchair Getaways’ 200+ wheelchair-accessible vehicle rental locations across the United States – click here to make your reservation today.


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