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Wheelchair Accessible Destinations in Puerto Rico

puerto rico wheelchair access

Travelling has so many benefits. It can boost the production of happy hormones and reduces stress hormone production. Plus, it’s fun! But as a wheelchair user, it can be challenging to find a perfect place that soothes your soul and accommodates all your needs… until now. Puerto Rico to the rescue! Aside from its beautiful landscapes, sandy beaches, fascinating attractions, and intriguing cities Puerto Rico wheelchair access is also very achievable. 

Here’s a list of wheelchair-accessible places in Puerto Rico to get you started on your vacation planning.

Luquillo Beach 

Luquillo Beach, with its beautiful blue water and wide sandy beaches, must be on your list. Why? Because it has a unique wheelchair-accessible beach facility called the “Sea Without Barriers.” 

This facility provides you with ramps that allow wheelchair access from the parking area to the water. They also rent out special wheelchairs that can go in the water. The facility has wheelchair-accessible picnic tables, restrooms, and outdoor showers. At this unique facility, you’ll be able to experience weightlessness as the warm Caribbean water washes over you. 

puerto rico wheelchair access

El Yunque National Forest

The stunning El Yunque is one of the most treasured gems of Puerto Rico and is also the only tropical rainforest in the United States National Forest System. The park’s ecosystem is very diverse, and it is home to hundreds of rare plant and animal species, including the well-known coqui frog of Puerto Rico. It is an hour away from San Juan and something you simply must experience. 

Most of the walking trails there have steps and unpaved portions, so they won’t be wheelchair accessible. However, there are sections of trails where you can bring your wheelchair. El Portal, the visitor center, is also totally accessible. Plus, waterfalls are visible from the road so that you can witness that beauty too! 

puerto rico wheelchair access

Old San Juan

While there are no beaches, resort hotels, or natural beauty in Old San Juan, it is still one of the most fascinating places to visit in Puerto Rico because of its rich culture and history. Gorgeous architecture is generously spread over the entire city. The tropical colors create timeless magic and make San Juan one of the most captivating tourist attractions in the Caribbean. 

But it is difficult to explore this gem of a city with a wheelchair because of the hills and cobblestones that are present throughout. Nonetheless, there are some fantastic experiences available to visitors in wheelchairs. 

For example, you can stroll to the picturesque Paseo Princesa promenade and witness the beautiful view of San Juan Bay. You can also get free entry into the two large forts on the island, El Morro and San Cristobal. If you have someone traveling with you, even the rougher streets in the historic area are accessible – as long as your travel partner can help lift your chair over curbs!

puerto rico wheelchair access

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Pinones Natural Trail

The Pinones Natural Trail is Puerto Rico’s largest mangrove forest and feels like a totally different planet. It provides an 11-kilometer nature trail/boardwalk that travels through a mangrove forest and along the northern coastline. Since there are no big buildings or traffic lights, it will give you much-needed break from city life.

When you visit, take advantage of the unique natural and cultural experiences this area offers. Relax on the beach, look at the rock formations, or watch the fishermen catching large sea snails. You can also enjoy live music and fill your tummy with the delicious native Afro-Caribbean cuisine. Puerto Rico wheelchair access just got a whole lot better.

puerto rico wheelchair access

Bacardi Experience

Raise a glass to some of Puerto Rico’s best rums during this 90-minute tasting and distillery tour at San Juan’s world-famous Casa Bacardi. This tour is completely wheelchair-accessible, so you can taste the diverse styles of rums in the Bacardi family and sample a variety of vintages, including reserve bottles not available elsewhere. On a Bacardi distillery tour, you’ll also learn about the rum-making process and shop for souvenirs at the on-site gift shop. All entry fees, a guide, welcome cocktails, a commemorative cup, and a completion certificate are included.

puerto rico wheelchair access

Take a break!

A break from daily life is necessary to boost your productivity and improve your health. And what better place than Puerto Rico to take this much-needed break? After all, it’s beautiful, exotic, and wheelchair-accessible! Start planning your trip and get in touch with Wheelchair Getaways if you’re in need of a wheelchair van rental We would love to assist you. 


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